Its been a long time coming, but change has come and he goes by the name of Judah. Hailing from Durham, NC, by way of Lumberton, NC this refreshing Emcee provides “life” music like no other. Speaking of life, Judah’s voice has also been compared to Lyfe Jennings. Thats right! Judah is what we call a triple threat because of his singing, rapping, and songwriting ability.

Drawing from his pasts experiences, unique way of thinking and deep spiritual roots, this preacher’s son packs a potent punch. He is an amazing wordsmith with a message beneficial to all. Though inappropriate to label his music gospel, he definitely came to bring good news to his people. Judah’s groundbreaking flow is sure to grab and keep your attention.

True listeners get ready to press your rewind buttons, his “Did you hear what he said?!” type lyrics are both witty and powerful. Just when it seems hip-hop has become redundant ever, Judah goes against the grain with stories of hope, faith, and the power of prayer. Proving that the line between rap and poetry does not exist, Judah effortlessly and eloquently gets a point across, and he’s pointing straight to God!




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