Executive Producer

Executive Producer George Goode

God’s Goode Visionary Music was founded by George Goode in the summer of 2008 in the garage of his friends home. His first beat came from using the MPC and now a skillful player of this magnificent machine, he has branched out to using digital software to craft his sound. A visionary entrepreneur originally from the D.M.V. area, Mr. Goode noticed an immense selection of talent in North Carolina that was not receiving the rightful recognition that it deserved. With the help of other great minds, he has formed a stellar and evolving roster of artists and producers. Mr. Goode has decided to put together a catalog of entertainment to include beats, songs, videos, and live performances.  A true visionary, Mr. Goode noticed that the climate of the music scene is changing drastically. “This is the time for independent artists and independent labels to thrive. We do not need the big machine’s to push us anymore, we can push ourselves. If you are an artist looking for beats, make the beats yourself or source them online. If you do not have a recording studio, install your own recording studio or partner up with a local studio engineer. The internet is the way of the future. We plan on utilizing this tool to our full advantage to showcase our vision. My goal from the beginning was to work with the people who are close to me and keep North Carolina on the map. Now my team that I am gaining momentum with are the ones that were with me from the grassroots of this. The Lord has truly blessed me with a vision and I plan on following this vision. With patience and perseverance, GGVM will continue to grow. The sky is truly the limit for us,” said Mr. Goode.

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