About GGVM


GGVM is an independent brand and record label which is gaining fast momentum through their viral presence. Headquartered in Raleigh NC, the GGVM roster specializes in artistry, beat production, video production, songwriting, live performances and have recently released their new clothing line. GGVM crafts their sound using a state of the art recording studio, which consists of Logic, Akai, Reasons digital software and an acoustic setting. GGVM is not into producing music for the fast money or promoting vanity. Music is something that this group takes seriously and possesses a special vision and passion for. This is their outlet to the world. As entertainers, the GGVM roster is careful with the message that they portray to their audience. A rare movement which does not cater to glitz, glamour or fame, but focuses on the integrity and truth of the music that they release. Music has evolved to a digital world, which makes it easier for musicians and artists to reach a much larger audience. As an independent brand and record label, GGVM plans on taking full advantage of the digital world. Now stay tuned and continue to watch the rapid growth of GGVM as they continue to release new music, new videos, new performances, and new clothing products.


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